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Gargoyles Character Overview

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The World Tour

World Tour

“Avalon doesn't take you where you want to go, it sends you where you need to be”. Now, we all know this - but where did Avalon send our heroes, and why? Maybe this list can help answering those questions:

Shadows of the Past (1)
Location: Ussex, Scotland in the Archmage's cave
Date: January 1, 1996
Purpose: To allow the Captain of the Guard to make amends for his betrayal and cross over in peace.
Heritage (2)
Location: Queen Florence Island, Indian Reserve of the coast of British Columbia
Date: January 3, 1996
Purpose: To have Chief Nick/Natsilani accept his role of the mystic warrior of the Island and oppose Raven.
Monsters (3)
Location: Loch Ness, Scotland
Date: January 16, 1996
Purpose: To prevent the Loch Ness Monster from being captured by Dr. Sevarius.
Golem (4)
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Date: January 19, 1996
Purpose: To help the current guide for the Golem accept his role and prevent the Golem's misuse by Halcyon Renard.
Sanctuary (5)
Location: Paris, France
Date: January 21, 1996
Purpose: To prevent Thailog's attempt to murder Demona and Macbeth.
M.I.A. (6)
Location: London, England
Date: January 23, 1996
Purpose: To have the London clan resume active patrol duty.
Grief (7)
Location: Giza, Egypt
Date: January 25, 1996
Purpose: To prevent the enslavement of the Egyptian god Anubis by a human.
The Hound of Ulster (8)
Location: Northern Ireland
Date: January 27, 1996
Purpose: Have Balfour assume his role of Cuchulain, the Hero of Ulster.
Walkabout (9)
Location: Australian Outback
Date: May 1, 1996
Purpose: Prevent a nanotechnological lifeform from going wild and enveloping the world.
Mark of the Panther (10)
Location: Central Africa
Date: May 16, 1996
Purpose: Have the werepanther people resume their role as the defenders of the land.
Eye of the Storm (11)
Location: Norway
Date: May 19, 1996
Purpose: To return the Eye of Odin to Odin.
The New Olympians (12)
Location: City of New Olympus (exact location unknown)
Date:May 22, 1996
Purpose: To provide a positive example of humanity for the population and prepare them for open contact with the outside.
The Green (13)
Location: Guatemala
Date: May 24, 1996
Purpose: Help the local clan defend their forest home from Jackal and Hyena.
Sentinel (14)
Location: Easter Island
Date: June 10, 1996
Purpose: To make Nokkar the Sentinel begin interacting with Earth's population more openly.
Bushido (15)
Location: Ishimura, Japan
Date: June 14, 1996
Purpose: To have the Japanese clan become more open and active.
Cloud Fathers (16)
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Date: June 16, 1996
Purpose: To prevent the Coyote from being enslaved by Xanatos.
Ill Met By Moonlight (17)
Location: Avalon (exact location unknown)
Date: July 4th, 1996
Purpose: To prevent the Human and Gargoyle population from being expelled by Oberon.
The Gathering (18)
Location: Manhattan
Date: July 9th, 1996
Purpose: To prevent the abduction of Alexander Xanatos by Oberon.

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