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"A Modern-Day Geneticist"

To a tune by Gilbert & Sullivan,
Lyrics by Jordan Mann

I am the very model of a modern-day geneticist
The name Anton Servarius is tops on everybody's list
I'm foremost on the planet and my skills can keep me quite employed
To 'Illuminati billionaires and Gargoyles who are paranoid

I'm very good with mutagens from animals, to say the least
The wings of bats and 'lectric eels combined with mighty jungle beasts
Just add a human to the mix and such a monster you can breed
So say hello to Maggie Cat and say goodbye to Maggie Reed

I'm rather fond of cloning with a little Gargoyle DNA
Admittedly the pigmentation may have gone a bit astray
But more so in the programming - Dear Mr. X. has really missed
For it is out of character for Gargoyles to be cap'talists

I like to capture Nessies from the bottom of the Scottish loch
Though all the gargoyle sweetness made me want to run away and hock
But now my sub's full fathom five, though my escape has been foretold,
Because my meg'lomania adds humor to each episode

I'm really rather crafty, though my hand sometimes gets overplayed
Just like my death in season one, which was a fabulous charade
And though some of my snide remarks may make you want to groan "oh no,"
Remember I played Frankie from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

My expertise with viruses is such that I can't help but grin
Although I fear Demona has a larger plan to do us in
But I just love a schemer's scheme, it's an so Machiavellian
And my accounts in Switzerland are making me a wealthy man

My greed is quite insatiable, my genius you can't understate,
Before somebody catches me I just want to reiterate
My mind is twisted like a spring, my heart is hard as amethyst,
I am the very model of a modern-day geneticist.

I'm evil but I'm so much fun (as long as you dont get me pissed) -
I am the very model of a modern-day geneticist!