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"Angel Of The Night"

To the song "Flora, the Lily of the West",
Lyrics by Batya "The Toon" Levin

(as sung by Goliath)

When Castle Wyvern was our home, that sheltered us by day
I knew a lovely maiden there who stole my heart away
Her graceful wings, her flaming hair, her eyes that blazed so bright
And the name I called her then was my angel of the night

She was my greatest warrior, my second in command
She stood by me in battle and she bound my wounded hand
No joy could e'er be greater than to soar with her in flight -
I loved her like no other, my angel of the night

We went to drive the Vikings off, my mentor old and I
We realized we had been deceived - then dawn lit up the sky
When we returned the castle burned, the Vikings won the fight
I wept for her destruction, my angel of the night

Now we are in Manhattan, a thousand years have passed
The castle rose above the clouds, and broke the spell at last
The man called David Xanatos had brought us all to light
And with him was my true love, my angel of the night.

But treachery is worse than death, and causes greater pain
I learned that lesson years ago, and learn it now again
My love's at war with humankind, and full of hate and spite
And her name is now Demona, my angel of the night