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To the song "Allentown" by ,
Lyrics by Patrick Toman

(as sung by Gabriel and the Avalon Clan)

Well we're living here in Avalon
And the Gathering has come and it's done
In the outside world they're passing time
Live in New York
Fighting the crime

Well our fathers fought and died long before
At a castle on the Scottish shore
Met our mothers under full moon glow
Asked them to glide
Flew high and low

And we're living here in Avalon
But the restlessness was handed down
And it's getting very hard to stay......

Well we're waiting here in Avalon
For some word to come from one who has gone
For the promise that our sister gave
To return soon
Things must be grave

So we perch upon the palace's walls
We never see a winter, spring, or fall
Always summer on this magic isle
Thunder and rain
Just once in a while

And we're waiting here in Avalon
But we wish our sister well where she's gone
'Cause our hands are full with all these fay.....

Every Child had a pretty tough spot
One thousand years of mortal exile they got
But now they're back and taking over the place
Sometimes we wish we never met the Third Race!

Well we're living here in Avalon
With the Princess and our Guardian Tom
And a bunch of irritating fay......

Even so we think we're gonna stay......
And we're living here in Avalon