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"The Ballad of Demona"

To the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen,
Lyrics by Jethro of Clan Emanon

Is this the real life? Or Sci-fi/fantasy?
Caught in a fae's plan with no touch on reality.
Red glowing eyes, she takes to the skies and flees.

I'm just a farm boy, I get no sympathy, always...

Gillecomgain! Milk the cow, check the barn...

My face! Ow!

Any way the wind blows, I'll just catch an updraft and flee... tee hee,

Demona, just scarred a man.
Put a pitchfork to her head,
Scratched his face, which now has treads,
Demona, the plot has just begun,
Now what's with all these flashbacks anyway?

Demona, oooooh.
Your own fault you have to cry
The Captain of the guards can not be trusted
And Hakon's a moron
Now your clan has all been shattered.

Sirrah! Your time has come.
Won't live another day
'Cause you killed my dad, Finlay.
Goodbye, Lady Gruoch, I've got to go,
Gotta save you all and trade away my youth.
Demona, ooooh!
Wasn't going to turn on you,
Does 37 years mean anything to you at all!

(guitar solo done with bagpipes)

I see a Scottish, stained glass window of a man...
Looking up, silhouette, could this be a foreshadow?

Thunderbolts and lightning, something magical is Near!
Scrolls of Merlin.
King Pendragon,
Scrolls of Merlin,
King Pendragon,
Just a diary and a king. Excellente!

I'm just a gargoyle, nobody loves me.

Running from Macbeth, looks like Sean Connery,
cursed for all time with immortality.

Hunters come. Precinct blows,

(Demona) Damn you! Let me go!
(Chorus) John Canmore?
(John) No!! We are your common foe!
(Demona) Let me go!
Damn human!
(Robyn) We will not let you go!
(Demona) Let me go!
Damn human!
(John) We will not let you go!
(Demona) Let me go!
(Robyn) ...will not let you go!
(Demona) Let me go!
(together with John and Robyn) Never, never, never let you goooooo!
(Chorus) No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!
Oh jalepena, jalepena.
(Demona) Jason Canmore, let me go,
If you are not my ally then you're my enemy, 'nemy, 'nemy!!!!

(Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington moshing in the back of Elisa's Fairlane)

So you cast a spell turning New Yorkers to stone.
Then we thwarted you with the access code, "ALONE."
Oooh baby! Got a PR prob' baby!
Fought with the old man, crashed Xanatos' chandelier.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Humans are a nuisance,
Why can't my kind see,
Humans can't be trusted,
Why not ask Dominique Destine.

... especially David Xanatos.