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"Castle in the Clouds"

To the song "Castle on a cloud" from Les Miserables,
Lyrics by Kit Kat

(as sung by Elisa after Xanatos invited the Gargoyles to live at Castle Wyvern once more)

There is a castle in the clouds
I like to go there on my break
I'll surely forget my headache
At the castle in the clouds

Here is a room, the library
Where is the one I long to see?
His voice I hear, reading aloud
Within the castle in the clouds

There is a human all in black
Nothing does he seem to lack
He's full of plans, and he'll use them, too
He always has a plot or magic brew

There is a crib that's full of toys
There's Puck and Alex, the magic boys
They won't hurt gargs, cause they're not allowed
Not in the castle in the clouds

I know a place you'd like to go
It has lots of surprises to show
Humans, gargoyles and fae are the usual crowd
All in the castle in the clouds