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To the theme from "Animaniacs",
Lyrics by Tanika

It's time for Gargimaniacs
And we're obsessed to the max
So just sit back and relax
You'll be moved 'till you collapse
We're Gargimaniacs!

Come join the Wyvern clanners
And their human partner cop
'Cause they fight crime
They patrol the entire city block
They hide in the clocktower
When the sun turns them to rock
But they break out at dawn and shout
- And you'd better not mock!

We're Gargimaniacs
All Goliath wants is pax
Broadway packs away the snacks
Hudson sits down to relax
We're Gargimaniacs!

Meet Xanatos and Fox
Who want to rule the universe
The Trio flocks together,
Demona whacks them with a curse
Bronx always follows Hudson
Goliath reads a verse
The yuppies flipped
'Cause gargs just whipped
Thieves, terrorists, or worse

We're Gargimaniacs
We await the film contract
We're gargoyles to the max
We have tail-holes in our slacks
We're gargoyle
Evil plans foil
(Don't vote Doyle)
(Don't say "Egon Pax"!)