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"Gargoyle Man"

To the song "Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants,
Lyrics by Tanika

Gargoyle Man, Gargoyle Man
Doing the things a gargoyle can.
What's he like?
It's hard to tell
Gargoyle Man, Gargoyle Man.
Is he a rock, or is he flesh?
Depends on if the sun has set
Or if the sun is in the sky
Strange change
Gargoyle Man

Billionaire Man, Billionaire Man
Megalomaniacal Billionaire Man,
They have a fight
Gargoyle wins,
“That was my plan,”
Billionaire Man.

Servent Man, Servant Man
Servant Man serves Billionaire Man
Never smiles, don't think he can
Servent Man, Servant Man
He's got glasses and a stone left hand
Really fairy disguised as man
But he's banned from Magic Land
Wooden man,
Servant Man.

Geneticist Man, Geneticist Man
Cooks up monsters in a frying pan
Held this huge Loch Ness monster scam
Geneticist Man, Geneticist Man
Is he depressed, or is he distressed?
Is that why he's a mad scientist?
How'd he come up with the mutate mess?
Cloned the clan,
Geneticist Man

Billionaire Man, Billionaire Man
Makes his peace with Gargoyle Man
Invites him back
Gargoyle comes,
Friends again,
Billionaire Man