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The Gargoyles Fan Website

"Gargoyles Fan"

To the song "Angry Young Man" by Billy Joel,
Lyrics by Batya "The Toon" Levin

There's a place in this world for the GARGOYLES fan
With his 'fic on the 'net and his grandiose plans
He can jump off a roof and believe he won't fall
He's always at home at the top of a wall
He writes in a room with a lock on the door
And can tell you what happened in nine ninety-four
And he likes to be known as the GARGOYLES fan

Give a moment or two to the GARGOYLES fan,
With her home in a castle defending the clan
Got the Gate on her chest and the Eye on her head,
Studies Latin and myth just to see what's ahead,
Got a volume of Shakespeare up there on her shelf,
And she knows she could write the whole story herself,
And she likes to be known as the GARGOYLES fan

They believe we're past the age,
So tape the show and turn the page
Sometimes just surviving is a noble fight
We still believe in magic too,
So let them have their point of view,
Keep the dream alive because we know we're right

And there's always a place for the GARGOYLES fan,
With his growling voice and his three-fingered hands
He's railing at Disney with eyes all aglow
He still can't believe that they cancelled the show
He's a crazy fanatic, you know that it's true,
And you know that he's not all that different from you
And we'll go to the Con as the GARGOYLES fans....