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"I Miss New York City"

To the song "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon,
Lyrics by Patrick Toman (with a little help from Batya "The Toon" Levin)

(as sung by Elisa during the World Tour)

A man comes off the sea
He gets stares from the rest of the people now
Stares from the rest of the people
Because of his armor and sword
He gives us a strange opportunity
Come with, hear his explanation
Suddenly feels like a cartoon
Yet I still get onboard
Low floater, no motor
Sails in the moonlight
Far away from well-lit shore
Tells a strange story, strange story
Some which starts to worry me
You know I don't find this trip amusing anymore

So, off we go to Avalon
But how, who knows, I can tell
Leaving New York City
A strange mist flows around us
As Tom chants a spell

A mist parts on the sea
Took us to the Isle of Avalon
Fought magician's guile for Avalon
And wo, that night seemed so long
Princess mourns a casualty
Lone one who died here
Who'll be their protector
Now that the good Magus is
Gone, gone
'Cause now we must be leaving
And this sweet and charming
little bat-winged girl
Comes along, along
With no hints of her inheritance
With no stops or hesitations

As we're leaving Avalon
Tom calls out across the sea
No quick way back home now
And so I guess well find out
Where we need to be
Need to be...

(piccolo part)

A mist parts on the sea
It's a sea near a strange place
Maybe they're more Third Race
Can't we just turn this skiff around?
They always speak our language
(which seems so strange to me)
Another foreign land
Oh well, at least it's solid ground
We've found
If only for a night or two
And then we head back out again
We look around, around
For that old familiar architecture
Squinting all our eyes to see
Back to Avalon? Jalapeña!

Back and forth from Avalon
Where to, who knows, I can't tell
I miss New York City
And now I wish I never
Ever heard that spell

Why me...

Na, na, na, na... (etc.)

(bongos, guitar)

Back and forth from Avalon...
I miss New York City...

(repeat and fade)