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"Perchance The Fates Denied"

To the song "Simple Song" by Lyte Lovett,
Lyrics by Nikki Biggers

(As sung by Goliath to the younger Demona in "Vows.")

I sing my song, before you kneeling:
I've seen die moons and watched them rise.
I've seen the future, the song fate sings,
And what I know would make you cry.

Now listen, and tame your anger,
When it's time, you must know.
If you fight your hatred and your questions,
Perhaps your fate will let you go.

If you stand and no one follows you;
If your kind don't sing your song;
Don't make them martyrs for their own cause
Because you think the cause is wrong.

And if you go, you'll stand deserted;
Who will love you when you're all alone?
Do not leave them to morning's light;
You'll wake at night and find them gone.

So hear my words with faith and passion,
For what I say to you is true.
And when you find the one you might become,
Remember part of me is you.

Remember part of me is you.