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"Silent Fears"

To the song "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" from The Phantom of the Opera,
Lyrics by Nikki Biggers

(as sung by Goliath and Elisa, just after Goliath leaves Elisa at her apartment in The Gathering, Part I)

You at once were my companion;
You were all that mattered.
We at once were friends and guardians;
Then my world love shattered.

Wishing you were somehow here again,
Wishing you could somehow hear
How much I care - if I just dared
Would you, love, hold me near?

Wishing I could hear *that* voice again,
Knowing that parhaps I could.
Dreaming of you won't help us to do
All that I've dreamed we would.

I, myself, this - 'sculpted angel',
Lone and monumental,
Seem for you the wrong companion;
You are warm and gentle.

Must I spend years fighting back tears?
I know my love won't die!

Wishing I was somehow there again,
Arms around you all the night
Elisa forgive, my love yet lives -
Yet saying's hard; I've tried.

Nothing stands between us but silent fears;
Don't leave me gazing across the wasted years...
Let our love take flight