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"Who Am I?"

To the song "Who Am I?" from Les Miserables,
Lyrics by Kit Kat

(as sung by Goliath, wondering if he should expose the existence of gargoyles to the world by revealing his clan)

Who am I?
Can I condemn my clan to human prejudice?
If I do so, in defiance will they hiss?
I know it is a dang'rous fling,
Should I make gargoyles known, if anything?

Who am I?
Can I conceal my clan forevermore?
Pretend we're just the myths we were before?
These humans who want to bash our face
Shatter us with a mace...

But we wont let that get in our way!
We will protect until the day!
Who are we?
We are gargoyles!

And so, humanity, you see it's true,
We are alive now just as you!
Who am I? Who are we?