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"World Trek"

To the tune of the original Star Trek series theme song,
Lyrics by Tanika

(We see a form emerging from swirling mists. The skiff slowly comes into view. Goliath is standing in the front of the skiff, poling it along. The others sit behind him. and Elisa's hand is on the rudder.)

(Goliath says in a low, strong voice)

Home...The unattainable goal!
These are the voyages of the Four from Avalon.
Our seemingly eternal mission: to blunder upon strange mew worlds.
To save lives and entire civilizations.
To boldly drift where no one has drifted before...."

(Goliath's pole suddenly makes a large splash and the skiff takes off at incredible speed)

(Angela and Bronx stand; Bronx leans over the side and howls the melody as Angela sings in a high, wailing voice)

"Leeeaaaviiiiiing my home Avalon,"

(We see continuous shots of the skiff streaking past)

(Angela sits and Elisa stands and continues, Bronx still howls)

"This Voooooyagejust drags on and on...."

(Angela stands again, and all sing)

"Wiill we ever get ho-oo-me, or will we
Forever roo-oo-o-o-o-o-oam?"

(Goliath's pole splashes the water again, and all is suddenly silent as they resume normal speed and everyone but Goliath sits. After a few moment's pause, Angela softly asks, "I wonder where Avalon's magic has sent us this time?")