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Travis' Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Why Goliath is the Main Character in Mosts Episodes:

  1. He's always the one who doesn't put on deodorant (MacBeth: AAGH! I'm suddenely getting weaker!)
  2. He secretly goes into Owen's dressing room (every day) and steals steroids
  3. (There's a tie with the whole clan for this one), when Goliath roars at Xanatos, Xanatos always hands him a pack of mints!
  4. Elisa has to borrow a mop to clean up Goliath's little presents (which makes him popular, you know, the bigger you are the more of a mess you'll make
  5. He makes plans with Lexington how to fly a chopper into The Eirre (whatever) building without getting hurt [Lex: It's called a parachute Goliath, can you say that?]
  6. He's the strongest
  7. Back in 994 A.D. everyone wondered why he and Demona went into the rookery
  8. Hudson is too old to lead
  9. Goliath keeps getting tips from Broadway on Guns- Now Goliath, this is a 38 calabur, this is very dangerous
    and the number one reason why Goliath is the main character in most episodes
  10. He's the happiest because he's the only one who's been with a woman Garg!!!

Travis Whipple