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The Grimorum Arcanorum

Appendix B: A Guide to the Gargoyles Universe

By Todd Jensen


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A band of gargoyle-hunters set up by Castaway, [with assistance from the Illuminati, for as yet unknown reasons]. Preying upon the fear and vulnerability of a public still reeling from the revelation that gargoyles existed, Castaway lured a number of New York citizens (including, for a short time, Vinnie, and also Billy and Susan's mother) into his organization, employing Banquo and Fleance as officers to train these recruits for battle. Under his leadership, the Quarrymen now search New York for gargoyles, hoping to destroy or at least contain them.

The Quarrymen wear dark blue uniforms and hoods vaguely evocative of those of the Ku Klux Klan, and carry electrically-charged hammers capable of shattering a gargoyle in his or her stone sleep, or doing damage to him or her while awake.

[By 2198, the Quarrymen have become an unpopular and "politically incorrect" organization. But when the Space-Spawn attack Earth, rumors begin - encouraged by the Quarrymen in a spirit of opportunism - that the gargoyles were collaborating with the Space-Spawn and helped them abduct the human world leaders at Queen Florence Island. The Quarrymen undergo a revival, waging war upon the gargoyles once more (they don't like the Space-Spawn much, but their main hatred is directed towards the gargoyles).]


An island off the western coast of Canada, home to the Haida people. Raven wished to claim it for his own, and so would periodically magically lay it waste, forcing the humans and animals who lived there to flee so that he could have it all to himself. Then, at Grandmother's urgings, the current chieftain would climb to the top of the volcano where Raven lived and battle him, driving him away and restoring prosperity to the island.

Goliath and his companions visited Queen Florence Island on their second stop on the Avalon World Tour, and helped Grandmother persuade Natsilane to do his part in facing Raven in battle. This was initially not easy, however, for Raven duped Goliath into believing that he was part of a gargoyle clan living in hiding at the volcano and persecuted by the humans; fortunately, Goliath learned the truth from Elisa and Grandmother before it was too late.

[In 2188, Raven's lies become truth when a new gargoyle clan, the Liberty Clan, is finally founded at the volcano, comprised of gargoyle eggs from every gargoyle clan at that time; the clan will be founded for the purpose of advancing gargoyle unity. However, the great moment turns to disaster when the Space-Spawn suddenly arrive ten years later, on March 21st, 2198, and kidnap both the eggs and the gargoyle and human leaders gathered to watch their hatching at the volcano.]

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