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The Grimorum Arcanorum

Appendix B: A Guide to the Gargoyles Universe

By Todd Jensen


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A heavily upgraded version of the Pack in Puck's "Future Tense" vision, presumably working for Xanatos (or Lexington masquerading as Xanatos). Broadway, Talon, Maggie, and Coldstone fought against them and Sevarius to keep the last free humans in New York from being turned into Mutates; only Broadway survived the battle, and at the cost of his sight.

[While the Ultra-Pack in this form is merely Puck's invention, an actual Ultra-Pack will be formed in the near future, set up by Coyote 6.0 (who will presumably have learned how to act on his own). It will included in its membership Jackal, Hyena, Wolf (all freshly upgraded, though in some as-yet-unknown manner), a new member (whose nature and name are also as yet unknown), and Coyote 7.0 as its leader.]


A gargoyle of the London clan. She and Leo are mates, and run the "Into the Mystic" shop. [Una is also the leader of the London clan at present.]

In 1940, when Griff ran the shop with them, Una and Griff were courting. But when the Battle of Britain began, Griff felt it his duty to help protect London from the Germans, while Una and Leo felt that their protectorate consisted of merely the "Into the Mystic" shop. Una became distressed at Griff's participation in the aerial battles, fearing that he would be killed, and tried to dissuade him from this course. When Goliath arrived in London in 1940 via the Phoenix Gate, he took Griff's side, and accompanied him to the aerial battle, where both disappeared.

Una and Leo believed Griff to be dead, and blamed Goliath for his loss; their anger was assisted by their bottled guilt, for deep down inside, they knew that they should have helped protect London from the Nazis as well instead of remaining in the shop. They became mates, and over the next more than fifty years grew increasingly bitter over Griff's loss; they also confined their attentions to the shop, ignoring the street crime in their neighborhood, viewing the travails of London's humans as somebody else's problem.

When Goliath and his companions arrived in London on the Avalon World Tour in 1995, Leo and Una angrily denounced him for Griff's "death", and took his companions prisoner in retaliation. Goliath, in order to save his friends, used the Phoenix Gate to go to 1940 and investigate Griff's disappearance. However, Leo in the aftermath realized that the true strength of their hatred for Goliath lay in their guilty consciences over not having gone with Griff to protect London, and convinced her of it. They released Elisa, Angela, and Bronx, and forgave Goliath, particularly after he returned to 1995 with Griff. Afterwards, Una and Leo joined with Griff in helping to protect the Londoners from criminals and racist mobs.

Una very much resembles a unicorn, hence her name. She is a skilled sorceress (no doubt thanks in part to the line of business that she is in), and may even have some precognitive ability; on the night that Griff went off to his final fight in the Battle of Britain, she mentioned having terrible forebodings for him.

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