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The Grimorum Arcanorum

Appendix B: A Guide to the Gargoyles Universe

By Todd Jensen


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The female member of the infamous "Yuppie Couple". Margot Yale is an Assistant District Attorney in New York. She is currently married to Brendan, the other half of the "Yuppie Couple".

Margot and her husband have sighted the gargoyles on numerous occasions, much to their alarm. The first time was when Goliath saved them from being mugged by three criminals. On later occasions, the gargoyles have had other encounters with them; Goliath jumped on the hood of their car while fighting Fox in her were form, the clan rescued them from bank robbers who were holding them hostage, and again from muggers while they were riding the subway. They even had a near-encounter with the gargoyles while on holiday at Loch Ness (where their tour boat was attacked by Sevarius's miniature submarine).

After the gargoyles were exposed to the world, Margot appeared on "Nightwatch" as part of a debate on the "gargoyle problem", arguing against Macbeth. She wanted the gargoyles locked away to contain them, believing them to be merely savage monsters with no sentience. Presumably, she still feels that way about them.


A gargoyle of the Ishimura clan. Yama was dissatisfied with the secluded life of his clan, and believed that gargoyles should live more openly with humans. He therefore entered into a covert alliance with Taro, arranging for the building of a "gargoyle theme park" near Ishimura and the secret transportation of his clan there in its stone sleep. Yama believed that, here, his kind would gradually be introduced to the human world; he believed that Taro's intentions mirrored his own. But he soon discovered that Taro really intended to display the gargoyles as freaks and curiosities to gawking human tourists. Disgusted at the man's falsehood, he defeated him in single combat, thus freeing the clan from him.

[However, because he had still assisted Taro in the original act of betrayal, Yama was banished from Ishimura until he could find some way of redeeming himself. He will, in time, join the Redemption Squad, if against his will, and will not get along well with Fang while a member of it.

Yama and Sora are mates, although Yama's exile from Ishimura has, for the moment, raised a barrier between them. Yama was also originally Kai's second-in-command, but he forfeited that title as a result of his banishment.]

Brendan and Margot Yale (q.v.). A New York couple who have been frequently plagued with encounters with the gargoyles, and various other related misfortunes.

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