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Synopsis |  Review by Juan F. Lara |  Review by Todd Jensen


by Guandalug la'Fay


by Ed Hill, Jr.

Act I

The story opens on the bridge that Coldstone had fallen off of to his death. The scene zooms in towards the water and then under it to see the remains of Coldstone. Suddenly, one of Coldstone's eyes opens and a mechanical version of Coldstone's voice is heard saying, "Operating systems on-line, initiating repair sequence," while the scene is launched into a Virtual Reality (VR) world where the cybernetic repair systems are activated. In this VR of Coldstone's mind a small play is acted out while his cybernetic half repairs itself. Coldstone is in freefall with a female Gargoyle from his past, obviously his mate. As the view rotates around the couple they begin to kiss. As they kiss the scene quickly changes to Goliath on a small plateau with the same female Gargoyle, only now she is crying and Goliath is comforting her. Meanwhile, Coldstone watches from a castle in the distance, where a male Gargoyle comes in behind him to say to Coldstone, "They betray you." Coldstone then glides over to the plateau and engages Goliath in combat. As Coldstone attacks, he knocks Goliath off the plateau and they both begin falling while Coldstone continues his attack. The female Gargoyle quickly follows after them and grabs Coldstone's arm and pleads, "No, my love." In response to this plead Coldstone knocks the female Gargoyle out of his way, which sends her smashing into the side of the plateau they had just fallen off of. The scene then cuts to the real world and Coldstone picks himself from the bottom of the river and then uses his cybernetic jet pack to propel him out of the water. The mechanical version of Coldstone's voice is heard again saying, "Repairs complete. Initiating new program parameters." Coldstone then flies toward the city.

Coldstone files to a building called the Golden Cup, where the scene then cuts to the workers inside. They workers appear to be scientists working with cybernetic machines and lasers. There is an armed guard patrolling the work area as well. At this point Coldstone crashes through a window and takes about six or seven bullets in his chest, which appear to have no effect on him. Coldstone knocks the guard cold with one punch as three other guards run toward him and begin firing on him about twenty feet away. Coldstone, taking a few dozen more rounds of ammo to his body, begins to walk toward the guards as the scene starts to fade out.

At the Clock Tower, Goliath and Lexington are greeted by Elisa. Elisa tells Lex that he is in luck because her partner just got "the call." She then tosses a two-way radio headset to Lexington. Elisa places a small matching radio receiver in her ear and a mic in her jacket collar. An explanation of the situation is then given to Goliath, who has no idea what is going on. Elisa and Lex tell Goliath that the police are about to try out a new piece of equipment. This new equipment is a probe called RECAP (Reconnaissance Emergency Cyber Automated Probe) This probe is connected to a Virtual Reality control setup. Lexington is excited about the new probe while Elisa says, "It's just a machine for dealing with high risk situations." The scene ends with group leaving the Clock Tower.

At the Golden Cup, the Guards are falling back as Coldstone advances. One guard is thrown against a wall while two other guards guard a large metal door. Coldstone locks his weapon sights on the door and fires. The two guards are knocked out of the way by the blast and Coldstone begins to walk toward the large hole in the door. Coldstone scans the area and the mechanical voice is heard again saying, "weapons directory located." Coldstone walks over to the computer on the wall and begins to "download all relevant files." While downloading the information, it appears that Coldstone receives an electrical shock. As Coldstone cringes in pain a brief cut to the VR world in Coldstone's mind shows Coldstone's face with cybernetic implants and then his face is shown without them. The scene then quickly cuts back to the real world. Coldstone then asks in his regular voice, "What is this place? How did I come here?" The only answer that Coldstone gets is one of a bright flash of light and gunfire. Out of defense and anger Coldstone rips the mainframe computer from the wall and throws it at the guards that are firing on him.

Outside the building, injured people are being cared for and loaded in to rescue vehicles. Elisa and her partner, Matt, are outside the building as well. Matt begins the testing of the RECAP, while Elisa seems a little skeptical of the probe and it's usefulness. Matt explains how the RECAP is hooked up to a VR visor which he can see everything that RECAP sees. A close up view of RECAP reveals a symbol that denotes a corporation that is run by David Xanatos. RECAP is then remotely driven, by Matt, into the Golden Cup to perform it's duties. As RECAP approaches Coldstone in the building, Matt announces to Coldstone over RECAPS speaker, "This is the police. Stay where you are." Then Matt fires a tear gas container, from RECAP, at Coldstone as he advances on the probe. As the Container sprays out the gas, Coldstone begins to run after the probe yelling out, "Why did you bring me here only to attack me?" As Coldstone runs after the now retreating RECAP, Matt fires a taser, from RECAP at Coldstone, which manages to hurt Coldstone a little. Out of anger, Coldstone fires his laser on RECAP. As the laser hits RECAP, Matt tosses off the visor, presumably because the signal that came from RECAP as it was being destroyed was painful to Matt's eyes. Coldstone fires on the probe again, this time the probe is knocked through an outer wall of the building. RECAP lands on the street outside in flames while, Coldstone flies off now that he is free from the walls of the building. Lexington and Goliath, who were observing from a neighboring roof top see Coldstone fly off and they begin to pursue him.

Coldstone lands on a building a few blocks away, Goliath and Lexington land on the same roof shortly after he does. As they land Coldstone attacks Goliath. As Coldstone tackles Goliath, he realizes who Goliath is and stops his attack. Lex then reintroduces himself to Coldstone, and tells him "they call me Lexington now." Coldstone then asks what they are doing here and Lex responds with the same question to Coldstone. Coldstone states that he is lost. Goliath then invites Coldstone to rejoin the Clan and go back with them to there new home. Coldstone agrees. As they glide back to the Clock Tower, Lex questions if it is a good idea to invite him back into the Clan. Goliath then simply states, "Without trust, there can be no Clan." When they get back to the Clock tower, Hudson openly greets Coldstone while the others stand over to the side not sure of what they should do. Coldstone is being greeted, something happens in Coldstone's mind as he mentions the one who he misses more. Coldstone freezes up for a few seconds and Goliath asks, "Brother are you all right?" Coldstone then comes out of his trance only to be completely confused about where he is and why Goliath is calling him "Brother." Once Coldstone sees his reflection in the TV screen he screams, runs out of the Clock Tower, and flies away. Goliath and Hudson immediately follow. Lexington realizes that there was something wrong with Coldstone's head and he had an idea on how to find out what it was. As Coldstone flies aimlessly across the city, again he freezes up and falls to the ground, landing on Ellis Island. As Goliath and Hudson land to check on him, Coldstone regains conciseness and stands up. Goliath asks what is wrong. Coldstone replies that nothing is wrong. Hudson notices that there is something wrong with Coldstone and that he is not acting the same way as he was back at the Clock Tower. Goliath say that he trusts Coldstone, and slowly approaches him. Coldstone then says to Goliath as he is approaching, "Do you? Pity." Coldstone then fires his laser at Goliath.

Act II

The blast from the laser throws Goliath into a street lamp and Hudson rushes to Goliath to help him up. Goliath rises to his feet just in time to leap out of the way of the next laser blast. Goliath cries out to Coldstone, "You would betray my trust, brother?" Coldstone tells Goliath, "You were a fool to extend it." Because of this betrayal Goliath and Hudson then begin to fight Coldstone.

The scene, cuts back to the Golden Cup where the police are still cleaning up the mess that was made by Coldstone. Matt states that he creature was like the one they saw last winter in Times Square (cf. Reawakening). Elisa is then contacted by Lex over the two-way radio. Elisa asks Matt to go take statements while she cleans up. After getting rid of Matt, Elisa talks to Lex over their radios. Lex verifies that the creature was Coldstone. Elisa replies that Coldstone tried to steal some files, but the files were Top Secret Government weapons files that were protected by a computer virus. Lexington replies that the virus explained a lot and he needs a favor.

On Ellis Island, Coldstone, and Goliath and Hudson square off. In the battle Coldstone is slammed into a wall and his actions again change. Coldstone asks why Goliath is attacking him, and says he must have blacked out back at the Clock Tower. Then Coldstone breaks into a fit of personality changes one second wanting to kill Goliath the next stating that he will not fight. At the peek of this fit Coldstone cries for help and begins to roll on the ground telling the voices to get out of his head. A close up view of one of Coldstone's eyes shows the female Gargoyle saying, "Trust Goliath. He is our Rookery Brother." Then the male Gargoyle appears saying, "She deceives you again. You see how she always sides with Goliath. Then Coldstone cries out, "I will make you be silent," then flies straight up and begins to randomly fire his laser.

Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington glide around trying to find where Coldstone had gone. Coldstone's weapon fire draws their attention. To stop Coldstone, Broadway slams himself into Coldstone, which knocks him out of the sky. Coldstone lands on the top of a building on his back. Lexington lands and hooks up the VR equipment to Coldstone. Coldstone quietly cries out, "Please, I beg you, be quiet." Goliath explains that Coldstone is being tortured on the inside. With the VR equipment hooked up to Coldstone Lex replies that to save him someone would have to go inside to do it.

At the Golden Cup, the police are about to leave when Matt notices that RECAP's VR visor and hook up are missing. Elisa tries to convince him that somebody might have taken them back to the station. Matt refuses to believe that and brings out a homing device that will track down the equipment.

On the roof at Ellis Island, Goliath is about to enter into Coldstone's mind. Lex says that he should go because he is best qualified for the job. Goliath explains that is why he wants Lex to monitor the equipment if anything goes wrong.

Goliath enters into Coldstone's mind. At first Goliath is a little dazed, but he quickly gains his bearings. Goliath looks across the open plain that he is standing in and he sees a castle. The ground between him and the castle rips apart. A bridge is then formed and tentacles reach up from the gap pulling more of the ground down. The camera then quickly zooms in on the Castle and then up the castle walls. At the top there are three Gargoyle Statues; a female and two males. These statues resemble Coldstone and the two Gargoyles that were seen earlier in Coldstone's eye. Lighting then strikes between the Gargoyles and an image of David Xanatos appears wearing a red, blue, and gold suit of armor. The image of Xanatos then greets Goliath, stating, " Welcome. Surely you didn't expect to explore Coldstone's mind without my permission."


Goliath responds immediately by saying "Xanatos!" The image of David Xanatos then explains that he is not Xanatos, he is only a computer program created by Xanatos. He also explains that Coldstone was created by a combination of Sorcery and Science. The Magical energy has fused with the cybernetic parts, and the purpose of the program, made by Xanatos, was to enslave Coldstone to Xanatos's will. The computer virus has stopped the program from doing it's job and destroying everything in Coldstone's mind. As the Image of Xanatos stops speaking one of the tentacles of the virus tears through the ground beneath Goliath. Goliath manages to jump out of the way in time. As Goliath stands to his feet, the image of Xanatos, materializes beside Goliath and says, "Careful, you may be next." Goliath quickly tries to attack the image of Xanatos, but the image has vanished. A loud cracking sound is heard from the tower where the Gargoyle Statues reside. As Goliath looks up at them, they begin to come alive and break out of their stone sleep. Immediately the male Gargoyle walks over to Coldstone's side saying, "Allow me to help you brother." The female Gargoyle glides down to Goliath. As she reaches him, Goliath hugs her and ask how can his rookery sister be alive. She explains to Goliath that Coldstone was created from pieces different of Gargoyles and now their souls are trapped inside. Back on the tower the male Gargoyle, and the image of Xanatos begin to convince Coldstone that his love, the female Gargoyle, has been stolen away by Goliath as he did a thousand years ago. Out of anger, Coldstone glides swiftly down knocking Goliath into the gap that was created by the virus. As Goliath falls, he opens his wings and manages to grab onto the side of the castle that has not yet been destroyed by the virus. As Goliath begins to climb back up the wall, three tentacles of the virus grab hold of Goliath and begin to pull him down.

In the real world, the other Gargoyles are watching over Goliath. Goliath's body is tossing back and forth, and the other Gargoyles wonder what is happening inside. Hudson states, "I know Sorcery when I see it. And this is the Darkest kind." Suddenly, Lex gets a call from Elisa. Elisa warns them that Matt is tracking the VR visor and has called out a S.W.A.T. team for back up. There are two helicopters and about five boats in the team. After hearing this, Lex attempts to remove the VR visor from Goliath so they can leave the area. As Lex grabs the visor an electrical shock is given off, preventing the removal of the visor. Realizing that leaving is now out of the question the other Gargoyles glide off to disrupt the S.W.A.T. team; buying some more time for Goliath.

In the VR world, Goliath regains his hold on the castle wall and begins to pull away from the virus and up to the top of the wall. As Goliath reaches the top, Coldstone again knocks him back down. This time the female Gargoyle dives after Goliath to help him. The female Gargoyle grabs Goliath's hand and a metal gate on the side of the castle. As she tries to pull Goliath up, more tentacles grab onto Goliath and onto the her as well. At this point Coldstone, glides down to them and says, "Do you think me blind? I know why you come to his defense." To this the female Gargoyle replies, "My love for you is eternal, and Goliath is not your enemy, but your brother and true friend." Then as she looks up at the male Gargoyle, she reminds Coldstone that it is the male Gargoyle who is trying to set Coldstone against Goliath as he did a thousand years ago. Coldstone replies that his memories are clouded and asks why he should trust her. Her only reply is that if he can't trust her then he should trust his heart. Suddenly the virus tentacles pull Goliath away from the female Gargoyle. Coldstone then drops down and saves Goliath at the last moment. In one pull Coldstone tears Goliath free from the grasp of the tentacles. Goliath points out that their enemies are working together to take control of the mind. The voice of the male Gargoyle is then heard saying, "Too late," as the gate that the three Gargoyles are hanging on becomes a hand and grabs the female Gargoyle. What is left of the castle changes shape and becomes a giant version of the male Gargoyle, which then merges with a giant version of the Xanatos image. All that is left now is, the Giant male Gargoyle/Xanatos, standing on a floating stone platform, holding the female gargoyle, Goliath and Coldstone are standing on another floating stone platform, the bridge that was created when Goliath entered, and an outer ring of land. Goliath and Coldstone begin an attack on the Giant male Gargoyle, but are taken down with a single blow. The Giant male Gargoyle then picks up Goliath and Coldstone in the other hand. As the Giant looks back at the female Gargoyle, he says for her to join with him as he believes they always should have been.

Back out in the real world, Lex, who stayed behind to watch after Goliath, looks out at the S.W.A.T. team helicopters and boats as they approach. The two helicopters begin to veer off out of control, because Broadway and Brooklyn grab on to the choppers and using their weight and their wings to make the chopper pilots loose control of their aircraft. Hudson goes after the boats and used his sword as a rudder, forces one of the boats to weave back and forth. The other boats are then forced to change course to keep from hitting each other.

In the VR world, the Giant Gargoyle again asks the female to join him. Instead of joining with him the female Gargoyle bites into his hand. In pain the Giant Gargoyle grabs his hand, dropping all three Gargoyles. The three then begin to fly wildly around the Giant Gargoyle's head. The Giant Gargoyle begins to swing at the Gargoyles (Reminds me of King Kong). The tentacles of the virus suddenly reach up and grab onto the Giant Gargoyle and begin pulling him down into the gap. As the Giant Gargoyle vanishes into the heart of the virus Goliath, Coldstone, and the female Gargoyle land on what is left of the bridge. Coldstone tells Goliath that he should return to the real world before he gets trapped inside with them. Coldstone and the female Gargoyle say that they will fight the virus together, and whether they win or lose against the virus they will now always be together. Suddenly the virus begins tearing the bridge apart completely and Goliath runs for the portal that brought him into the VR world, while Coldstone and the female Gargoyle fly off together to fight the virus.

Cutting back to the real world, the other Gargoyles are returning from trying to hold off the S.W.A.T. team. Brooklyn states that they can not hold them back any longer. Immediately Goliath takes off the VR visor and says, "Then let us leave this place." As the S.W.A.T. team moves in the Gargoyles fly off and the leave the VR visor behind. As the team lands on the island, Matt follows the tracking device to the roof of the building. As they reach the visor Matt comments on being able to see what the creature looks like up close, but instead all they see is a rat sitting on top of the equipment.

At Xanatos's castle, the conversation between Owen and Xanatos spells out what Xanatos's plan was. Xanatos had supplied RECAP to the police, hoping that they would use it against Coldstone. RECAP was able to download the computer virus, which Xanatos plans to use as a weapon, from Coldstone when it shot the taser at him. Owen comments that they were not able to get the defense specs, but Xanatos remains happy with the virus. In a closing statement about his plan, Xanatos says, "This virus is the deadliest weapon I know of. It even defeated the mighty Coldstone."

At the Clock Tower, Goliath and the other Gargoyles stand around Coldstone as his body sits silently fighting the virus. Goliath speaks to his unconscious brother saying, "Someday I trust you will find your way back my brother, my sister. And when you do I want you to be among friends." The scene then closes on Coldstone and the female Gargoyle gliding out of reach of the virus and gaining more altitude.


by Juan F. Lara

The new season got started ( at least here in Austin ) with a well done episode that picked up the story where "Re-awakening" left off.

Good Points

The scenes inside Coldstone's mind transfixed me. The camera often zoomed or panned rapidly around a scene, holding my attention. The scenes also had unreal backgrounds that highlighted the characters in them, such as the moun- taintops in the first few scenes.

The two new gargoyles had imaginative character designs, particularly the rookery sister. The sister could also develop into an intriguing character, though the male gargoyle seemed one-dimensional here.

I found the third act compelling also because, except for Xanatos, only gargoyle characters were present. So their interaction illustrated gargoyle mentalities.

I thought that Coldstone's hysteria in the bell tower was well-written, with Coldstone forgetting random facts and growing paranoid. ("Why do you keep calling me brother?") But his ranting on Ellis Island was less successful because there he swung between personalities like a toon.

The story made good use of the characters. I was concerned that this season's eps would marginalize Lexington by only having him build gadgets, which "Gargoyles" fans don't like. But here he found a use for his ability in dealing with Xanatos's technology He also showed a lot of enthusiasm for the RECAP and could figure out how to deal with Coldstone's problem quickly, illustrating some character traits that make him appealing. They also had a significant role for Hudson. Hudson was closer to Coldstone than the younger Gargoyles, and he went with Goliath to look for him, instead of staying behind. Goliath, too, acted in character in his naively bringing Coldstone to the tower. These characterizations made the story interesting to me.

The script was well paced in that it revealed new information in small amounts gradually. First that background story of Coldstone, then the virus, then the true nature of Coldstone's "memories".


I didn't like the character models Sunwoo animation used. They often looked distorted. But I thought the animation and artwork were good.

Bad Points

Actually, this episode didn't have anything that I really disliked. But I do have a few nits.:

I suppose the back story concerning the two new gargoyles has been in the 40-page series bible all along. But it still felt jarring to suddenly find all of this out. Coldstone didn't seem uneasy around Goliath at the start of "Reawakening."

It was still dusk when the program revived Coldstone. Does that mean that Xanatos/Demona's work enabled him to no longer turn to stone?

Coldstone's laser knocked out a safedoor, but it only pushed Golaith back.

Since that government lab was covert, I wondered how Eliza found out about what they were researching? (Then again, all she said was defense specs.)

I also wondered if anyone has questioned her about recognizing Goliath in "Re-Awakening".

Where did those auras surrounding Goliath and Coldstone when Goliath activated the RECAP come from? Were they a defense mechanism built into Coldstone by Xanatos?

I thought the Gargoyles should've been spotted by the copters when they flew away.

Quotes and Dyns

I believe the title refers to Legion from the New Testament, who was possessed with many demons until Jesus Christ cast them all out.

Brooklyn: How are we supposed to find them?
Broadway: Three guesses.

Goliath: Somehow he's being tortured, from within.

Xanatos: Welcome. Surely you didn't expect to explore Coldstone's mind without my permission?

Goliath: Xanatos!
Xanatos: No. Merely a computer program designed by him.

Actually, the two new gargoyles have names in the closing credits: Iago (Xander Berkeley) and Desdemona. (C.C.H. Pounder) Get the point? :-) So we know that they're going to show up again later on.

"Legion" wasn't great, but I enjoyed the episode a lot.


by Todd Jensen

Coldstone returns - and in a most unexpected way. It now transpires that he was actually made up of stone fragments from three gargoyles instead of one (though the fragments that we see of him as Coldstone all appear to come from his pre-Wyvern Massacre state - an animation nit that Greg Weisman regrets), meaning that there are two other gargoyle souls trapped within him that hadn't been hinted at in "Re-Awakening", making his situation all the more complicated. For now, the other two souls awaken and begin competing over the control of his body.

[Note: in the commentary/review that follows, for greater clarity, the name "Coldstone" will be applied to the modern-day body created by Xanatos and Demona in "Re-Awakening", half petrified gargoyle, half cybernetic parts, while the name "Othello" will be applied to the original gargoyle in the 10th century, and to his soul inside Coldstone.]

Coldstone is reactivated at the beginning of the episode by Xanatos's programming, and under his orders, breaks into the Golden Cup Bakery (really a top-secret R&D facility for the U.S. military, with the "bakery" being only a front) to steal the plans for the various weapons developed there from its computers, only to discover (the hard way) that the plans were protected by a powerful virus that infects his system - and somehow awakens the hitherto dormant souls of Desdemona and Iago, who begin to compete with Othello (and Xanatos's programming) over the control of Coldstone. Goliath, unaware of what is happening, but overjoyed to see his rookery brother still alive after all (as alive, at least, as one can be when one is a combination of magically-animated stone and mechanical parts), invites Coldstone back to the clock tower, only to become bewildered, and then alarmed, as Coldstone's "multiple personality disorder" goes from being merely confusing to life-threatening.

The initial switch in Coldstone at the clock tower (from Othello to Desdemona) is particularly well-handled, if so subtle that it took a second viewing for me to realize what was happening (on the first occasion that I saw this episode, I thought that the virus had erased Coldstone's most recent memories); Desdemona, in Coldstone's body, is not only bewildered over the unfamiliar surroundings of the clock tower, but also why Goliath keeps on addressing her as his rookery brother, finally crying out, "Can't you see that I'm your -", then discovering her new situation before she can say the word "sister". Iago surfaces only shortly afterwards, to carry out a treacherous attack on Goliath, followed by all three gargoyle souls vieing for competition over Coldstone so fiercely that Coldstone (while Othello is uppermost) is begging it to stop.

We (and Goliath) discover the full answers when Goliath uses RECAP to enter Coldstone and encounter the gargoyle souls, as well as the Xanatos Program (which looks like Xanatos in fancy armor, and displays his familiar character traits to boot). In a couple of particularly nice touches, Coldstone's interior landscape is dominated by a replica of Castle Wyvern, and the virus takes on the form of a mass of mechanical tentacles, ruthlessly dismantling the castle and its surroundings. Goliath finds himself thrown once again into the triangle involving Othello, Desdemona, and Iago, which he had initially become involved with a thousand years earlier, before the Wyvern Massacre, and worse yet, in the exact same role, as Iago once more (with assistance from the Xanatos Program) attempts to dupe Othello into believing Goliath and Desdemona are lovers - with the depredations of the virus only making things all the more desperate.

While the main focus of the episode is on adding some new complications to Coldstone, Matt and Xanatos get their own sub-plots. Matt attempts to track down the gargoyles, but is foiled (with a little help from Elisa), continuing the thread of his investigations that had begun in "The Edge". And Xanatos scores another minor victory at the end when he obtains the virus that had infected Colstone via RECAP, and considers it a greater prize than the defense specs that he had originally been after. (The only unfortunate element of this scene is that it appears to be preparing for a later story in which Xanatos would actually make use of the virus to achieve one of his goals, but we never saw such an event. Even so, it at least displays once again his style of focusing on what he's achieved over what he's failed to achieve.)


The episode's title is (like "Her Brother's Keeper") ultimately drawn from the Bible: to be precise, a story in the Gospels when a demon-possessed man says to Jesus Christ, when asked his name, "My name is Legion: for we are many" (Mark 5:9). However, the immediate source was a movie adaptation of Frankenstein which Greg Weisman had seen as a boy, where the Frankenstein monster (composed of the remains of many bodies) utters the same line; since Coldstone was the "Gargoyles" version of the Frankenstein monster, such an element was obviously irresistible to Greg.

The names "Desdemona" and "Iago" occur only in the ending credits, not in the actual episode. The names are an obvious derivation from Shakespeare's Othello, fitting in with the parallel situation to that of the play (with Goliath in the Cassio role).

The audience is carefully prepared for the revelation at the end that RECAP's role in confronting Coldstone at the Golden Cup Bakery was all part of Xanatos's plan; when RECAP rushes into the building at the beginning, the familiar scarab logo from "Awakening" can be glimpsed for a moment on its side.

The Golden Cup Bakery would reappear in "Vows" (where Goliath and Xanatos meet at the very beginning of the episode), and "The Reckoning" (where this time Demona breaks into it). Its real-life model was the Silver Cup Bakery in Brooklyn.

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