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The Night Will Never Be the Same

by: Scott S. Mercure


Issue 1 Title

The story opens with Elisa confronting a strange armored gargoyle atop an unfinished skyscraper. The strange robot is using an electric net weapon to make off with a construction worker. As Elisa struggles with the robot she is aided by Goliath. When the robot sees him, it pushes Elisa off the building, knowing Goliath will save her.

The robot escapes with its captive and disappears before Elisa or Goliath can follow. With the help of Lexington and his computer they trace the building to Xanatos. In the night that follows Elisa and Matt wait for the strange robot to return. When it does, another battle occurs. In the fight Elisa shoots at the robot and hits its helmet. The face she sees within is none other than Demona herself.

Demona escapes when Goliath appears, but manages to take Elisa as her captive. Goliath takes Matt (who was rendered unconcious by Demona's odd weapon) and puts him on the ground for the police to find and then pursues Demona. He follows her to the bay, where a huge ship waits quietly at the docks. Once within, Goliath finds that it's really a genetics laboratory where human experiments are taking place. The nature of the experiments is not known at this time, but in the firefight Goliath saves Elisa and two others they find, and escapes before the ship explodes.

As the story closes, Demona goes to see Xanatos and tells him what happened. Xanatos then introduces her to Doctor Phobos and Gen-U-Tech. The doctor tells Demona that he is working on something called: "Laboratory-Controlled Cellular Replication."


This new and exiting comic series is based on the animated television series. In issue #1 (and all the other comics), the story is told by detective Elisa Maza.

The story itself is well told, and the drawings (done by Amanda Conner) are somewhat different than the television series. The gargoyles' claws are shown as bony talons, not as pointed fingers (as in the television series). Everything about the artwork is dark and spooky, as it should be in this type of story. It's rich in detail and keeps you wanting to turn to the next page. The comic storyline itself is never mentioned in the television series, but, in my own opinion, is an excellent issue that any Gargoyles fan should read.


Martin Pasko
Amanda Conner
Alberto Saichamn
John Costanza
Greg Wright
Heavy Sweating
Hildy Mesnik

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