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Always Darkest Before Dawn

by: Scott S. Mercure


Issue 2 Title

Soaring around the dark buildings of Manhattan, Broadway and Brooklyn are about to test a new device of Lex's. This device is a tracking device worn on the wrist. The device is supposed to keep track of Broadway and Brooklyn. Lex tells then to separate so he can try and track them. They do, and the device works, much to Lex's relief.

Meanwhile, at the gargoyles' clock tower home, Goliath and Hudson are watching television. In a news broadcast, the host is trying to expose Xanatos for what he really is. He tells of the explosion aboard the ship, and that Xanatos' automated robots repaired it and it sailed away. Goliath finds this irritating but knows he can do nothing about.

Back in the city Lex, Brooklyn and Broadway are looking around a busy street. Unknown to them that a bad deal is about to go on inside a nearby dance club. Shades is arguing with a young man about a gun shipment gone bad. After a heated argument the young man and his girlfriend go outside. Minutes later another of Dracon's men appears and shoots him. The gargoyles hear the shots and go to investigate. After a brief fight with Shades and the shootist they soar off (Sunrise is rapidly approaching). Dracon's men take the girl and drive off. Lex is the last to leave and does not get to rejoin the others. Instead he perches on a patio outside a penthouse apartment.

As the story continues the police question a women who witnessed the shooting. Elisa overhears the conversation and, after a composite sketch is done, goes to investigate a man called Mr. Crenshaw (the shootist). She finds him in a pool hall and attempts to arrest him. He tries to escape but a quick shot from Elisa sends a pool rack on top of him, knocking him out.

Late afternoon, at the Eyrie Building, Xanatos speaks with Dr. Phobos on a vid-phone. The doctor informs him that the human test subjects are going well. He also tells Xanatos that something called "The Medusa Project" is nearing completion.

At the police station Elisa goes into her office to find her sister, Beth, waiting for her. Beth says she just got in and went to see their folks, but they argued and she left. Elisa says she can stay with her for a few days.

As the story closes it focuses on Dracon's apartment suite where a butler is serving many lovely ladies. The butler walks past the patio window and notices a new statue that he never saw before (it's also wearing a digital watch). He informs Dracon himself who goes out and looked at the statue. Dracon recognizes Lex and, using a iron poker, raises it up to strike him...


A pretty good issue, lots of suspense, and the artwork is as good as ever. The story itself is well thought out, and does not reveal too much at one time, thus keeping you reading. We learn a little more about Xanatos's plans, and of Dr. Phobos and his experiments. It also introduces a new character, Beth Maza (Elisa's sister). Over all it's a good comic issue, and like most series should not be missed. Doing so can result in many odd questions in future issues.


Martin Pasko
Amanda Conner
Alberto Saichamn (Pg. 1 - 11) / Palmiotti Bros. (Pg. 12-22)
John Costanza / Jon Babcock
Greg Wright
Edited by
Hildy Mesnik
Carl Potts

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