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Blood From A Stone

by: Mary "Stormy" Pletsch


Issue 4 Title

A group of thugs are hassling Beth at the nightclub Sacrilege (Site of Price's death and Lavonne's kidnapping, Issue #2). Broadway saves her, but she takes off screaming at the sight of him. Up above, Lavonne (The mysterious vampire creature, Issue #3) finishes draining her victim of his blood in time to notice Broadway's actions.

Lavonne leaves the body on a ledge and goes down to talk to Broadway, impressed by his heroism and wishing he had been there to help her when Dracon's goons kidnapped her. Broadway and Lavonne go out for food.

When Lavonne's victim is found, Elisa connects him to Xanatos and Dracon. Lavonne, watching, has a flashback--she was mutated by Dr. Phobos into a vampire so she could seduce a gargoyle, drink its blood, and bring samples back to Gen-U-Tech. Phobos believed her dead and ordered the body dumped, but she revived and killed the guard. In that moment, she realized she was strong enough to take revenge on Dracon and Xanatos. She has thirsts for gargoyle blood, but she is not under Gen-U-Tech's control.

Later, Glasses goes to the scene of the crime and is attacked by Lavonne, but Elisa has followed him and saves his life. Lavonne flees. Goliath appears and "convinces" Glasses to tell them about Lavonne.

Xanatos sees a report of the "Vampire Killer" on TV. Xanatos decides to investigate Gen-U-Tech; he also wants "the Medusa Project" from Dr. Phobos. Phobos has a female creature in a vat...

Broadway introduces Lavonne to Brooklyn and Lexington, who both develop crushes of their own on her. As the four fly off, the Trio begin showing off and fighting with each other. Lavonne rescues a teen falling off a bridge, but must fight her thirst to drink his blood. Still squabbling, Brooklyn and Lexington crash into an abandoned building and, realizing what jerks they were being, decide to leave Broadway and Lavonne alone.

But Lavonne cannot control her bloodlust, and against her will attacks Broadway in midair just as the sun begins to rise... He grabs her and the two plummet through the roof of a greenhouse. Broadway is stone; Lavonne is a charred skeleton.


IMHO, this was the best of the comics. Lavonne's bitterness at her past and abuse of her new power to take revenge were very realistic. The Trio's behaviour was a perfect prediction of their behaviour in "Turf" when they all fought over Angela. However, in the comics Beth and Elisa fought a lot, which didn't come through in the series. The end of this comic, when Broadway must kill the girl he loves, was truly heartbreaking. Lavonne's life and death reached a tragic level rarely found in comics.


Martin Pasko and Mort Todd
Mort Todd
Amanda Conner
Alberto Saichamn
Anthony Tollin
John Costanza
Hildy Mesnik

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