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Venus Rising

by: Mary "Stormy" Pletsch


Issue 6 Title

Naming his creation "Venus," Dr. Phobos sends the human/gargoyle hybrid out to destroy Xanatos, Demona and the Gargoyles who are all fighting for possession of the Medusa Device (Issue #5). Mounted in Xanatos' headset, it turns living matter to stone. Xanatos has Goliath in his sights when Venus attacks Xanatos and rips off the headset. It lands in the shadows...right at Demona's feet..

Venus considers herself Goliath's mate! She was created from cell samples of Goliath and Elisa. Goliath feels pity for her, but Elisa is jealous and doesn't trust her, as she is a Gen-U-Tech creation.

Xanatos flies off, Venus clinging to him. They fight in midair, and Venus cripples his jetpack before one of his punches sends her falling into the forest below. Hudson watches the battle from the boat; Phobos runs out to see if his "creation" is salvageable; Xanatos escapes in his aircraft.

Found by Goliath, Venus kisses him. Elisa is jealous and Goliath is confused by his attraction for this creature who looks like Elisa. Phobos finds them and is furious when Venus refuses to attack the gargoyles, whom she considers her people. When Demona shows up with the Medusa Device and advances on Phobos, he pushes a button to self-destruct the island just before Demona turns him to stone. Demona plans to petrify all of humanity with the device.

The Gargoyles fight Demona. Venus saves Goliath's life and she greatly admires Elisa's bravery in combat. As the island starts breaking up, the Trio are ordered to leave while Elisa and Goliath go after Demona. Goliath is almost worried that Demona is dead. Elisa falls off a cliff from an earthquake and hangs onto a root. Demona threatens her, and Goliath attacks, his concern for her forgotten in his fear for Elisa. Demona warms up the Medusa Device.

Above, Venus sees her "mate" in danger and throws herself between Goliath and Demona, turning to stone as the ray hits her. Goliath saves Elisa and the Gargoyles return to the boat. Hudson sees Demona escaping with the device, and pulls out a flare pistol (inspired by "From Russia with Love"). He uses a flare to blind Demona and cause her to drop the device into the sea. In the end, Elisa is disturbed by the feelings Venus raised both in Goliath and in herself.


Although Venus was an interesting character, this was not one of the better issues. The dialogue was contrived and overly melodramatic--"I almost felt grief at the thought of your if I could but hasten it!" (Goliath) "Prepare for annihilation, Demona!" (Venus) Elisa clinging to that root was an old cliche, and Elisa is not the proper character to play "damsel in distress." Just like Lavonne, the issue that begins to tell us about Venus ends with her death. She should have stuck around a bit longer. Finally, it's rather...sick...that Venus considers Goliath her mate. Made up of his and Elisa's DNA, she's more like their daughter--Venus must not notice that incest problem... However, the fight scenes were well drawn, and I'm glad Hudson got to do something more constructive that just guard the boat. His line as he blows on the barrel of the smoking flare gun is precious..." Always did like that Connery lad best."


Martin Pasko and Mort Todd
Mort Todd
Amanda Conner
Alberto Saichamn
Freddy Mendez
John Costanza
Hildy Mesnik

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