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The Pack Attacks

by: Mary "Stormy" Pletsch


Issue 7 Title

Demona, flying over the sea and furious over having lost the Medusa Device, is forced to land on a yacht as the sun rises. The people aboard, Asians, are ordered by a woman to take Demona below until "the Master" sees her.

(This story is set between "Her Brother's Keeper" and "Leader of the Pack"; the Pack has NOT been upgraded yet and they are all in jail, except for Dingo. As well, only Fox knows that Xanatos is their boss.) As Lex experiences a flashback to "Thrill of the Hunt" (explaining his hatred of the Pack), Dingo walks into the jail dressed as a cop. He uses a virtual reality device to disguise the rest of the Pack as police and sets up holograms in their cells. Fox is suspicious as to where Dingo got the technology and why HE is the one leading them to their new hideout.

Elisa is eating dinner with Matt Bluestone (pictured here with BLOND hair) and Haile O'Connor, when there is an explosion. The Pack has broken into the Scarab Corporation, where Dingo orders them to steal microchips. Then Dingo secretly hacks into Scarab's computers; his thoughts reveal that he intends to bring down Xanatos. The three cops bust in and battle the Pack, who flee on Dingo's orders. Fox has decided to let him call the shots until she can figure out what his scheme is.

Xanatos has a nightmare of his father accusing him of being evil and causing suffering. His father mutates into a monster and attacks him. The nightmare is complete with the scent of salt air and a powerful punch. Owen comes in and tells Xanatos of the Pack's escape and the break-in at Scarab-one of Xanatos' companies. He can't understand why the Pack is acting without orders from him.

Dingo is explaining that a young fellow codenamed VR-X approached him in Europe with a job. The chips would boost one of VR-X's inventions to make virtual reality fields that covered miles. "We'll be able to make anyone see anything we want anywhere!" The first test is tomorrow at a charity event in Times Square.

The Gargoyles are out helping Elisa find the Pack, and it's Lex and Broadway who spot Wolf. Broadway tries to hold Lex back, but his hatred makes him reckless and he attacks Wolf right outside the hideout. The other Pack members run out, and Dingo offers Wolf an electrified bolo. Broadway flies down to help Lex and is threatened by Wolf, so Lex punches Wolf. The bolo wraps around Wolf and fries him. Lex can't find a pulse. He cries out that Wolf is dead as the rest of the Pack charge...


It's nice to see the Pack working together as a team. "Thrill of the Hunt" is the only episode featuring them all together. It's also good to see Fox's intelligence come through. Lex's hate is a realistic touch. However, although soldiers often feel guilt for the lives they have taken (even enemies' lives), the middle of a battle is hardly the place to break down! Surely Lex has injured enemies (ie Vikings) before, and he has a personal grudge against the Pack. This comic also introduced Petros Xanatos (David's father) before he appeared on "Vows." When I first read this, I knew Wolf couldn't really be dead. The comic plots do not affect the show, they merely supplement it, so there are no significant changes to the characters' lives appearing in the comics. That was kind of an anticlimax, but it was still a good issue.


Mort Todd
Grant Miehm
Alberto Saichamn
Anthony Tollin
John Costanza
Hildy Mesnik

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